Ryon Oates

We had are compressor go out and needed replaced. We were quoted by several companies and Dennis communicated the most with us to explain our situation. Not sure exactly about AC work my self, so I was clueless. He was able to explain what type of system we had due to a model home we purchased and our house had two upstairs units and one disconnected in garage that was used back when to use as model house. It was a very expensive system and we had needed a special compressor outside unit. I had to do some research and found an answer for us for a new unit. He cam in under 1000 dollars to replace and we moved forward with him and now have a great running ac. We were fortunate to only have to replace the outside since we had the upstairs unit replaced under warranty 2 years prior. Highly recommend.

Courtney White

Dennis made an emergency call to my house on a holiday weekend during my child’s birthday party. He was super helpful and explained everything to me every step of the way. He was able to get our AC up and running before the party ended and made follow up calls and a follow up service with us 5 days later to make sure all was well. He was so professional and polite. He really helped us out in a bind! Recommend 10/10